FROM THE BOOK JACKET: Pivot! is a journey of personal discovery to uncover your core beliefs and untapped strengths in order to improve your mindset, your relationships, and the world around you. You can navigate virtually any challenge in a positive and empowering way if you learn to Pivot!

This is not another book about doing. (There are plenty of those already out there.) This is a book about changing what and how you think. It is about discovering what you really believe and connecting your actions to those core beliefs. This is a book about becoming the best you can possibly be for yourself, your family, your organization, your community, and the larger world&by learning to do a deep dive into what you believe about yourself, other people, and the life with which you have been blessed.

Pivot! shows you how to take full control of what you think once and for all&by tapping into your Source—the set of unique lessons, examples, and reference points that clarify your beliefs and instantly direct you toward your best self. Your Source enables you to turn even the gravest challenges into opportunities.

Pivot! gives you three critical, life-changing questions that will make accountability the guiding reality in your daily life so that you can achieve more during good times, create the sustainability that will get you through challenging times, and bounce back more quickly from adversity.

Pivot! shows you how to answer the Three Big Questions for yourself, so you can take control of what you think and live out your Purpose and Mission consistently. That is how powerful the act of generating the answers to these three questions is. You can return to the questions whenever you face a challenge, scrutinize your core beliefs, and walk through a new open door. You can Pivot!

About Sam Silverstein - Keynote Speaker and Author | Sam SilversteinAUTHOR INFO: Sam Silverstein is founder and CEO of Sam Silverstein Inc., an accountability think tank dedicated to helping companies create an organizational culture that prioritizes and inspires accountability.

Based on helping organizations develop what they believe in, clarify their mission, and understand what is in their control, Sam works to make this a more accountable world. Mr. Silverstein is the author of several books including Non-Negotiable, No More Excuses, and Making Accountable Decisions. He speaks internationally, having worked with teams at companies, government agencies, communities, and organizations both big and small.

Sam is a Past President of the National Speakers Association.

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