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Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary defines "success" as "the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence." Note that nowhere in this definition are the words "inner happiness," "harmony," or "fulfillment" found.

We will define "happy" as feeling or enjoying a state of contentment, fulfillment, satisfaction, or joy. Please keep in mind that what you deem to be success and happiness is a purely personal perspective, and the benchmark for either is entirely subjective.


The decisions we make are critically important, as they determine the course of our lives. They are like train tracks, in that trains go where the tracks take them. Similarly, our lives go where our choices take us. Our success and our happiness—or lack thereof—are a direct result of the choices we make. So these choices are precious. I have found that the difference between individuals who consistently fulfill their dreams and those who don't is that the former make constructive and self-enhancing choices on a consistent basis. It is essential to recognize that when a choreography-impacting decision needs to be made, it should be consistent with your most highly prized goals and increase the percentages that you will achieve them.

One final thought for you on this: Never forget that, even during the most difficult times, you always have the luxury of being able to jump-start and lift your life by making constructive and self-enhancing choices.


"Potential" shall refer to the best of "what you can be" if you combine

a) your abilities;

b) your desire and passion;

c) a rock-solid intellectual and psychological skill set, where your emotions work in concert with your intellect to enable you to consistently make highly beneficial career choices; and

d) your ability to be an effective choreography designer and implementer.

One of my primary objectives is for you to come as close as possible to attaining your most positive potential.


Another objective of Career Choreography is to equip you to achieve success and true happiness, time after time, throughout the rest of your life. This is why any reference to success and happiness will either explicitly or implicitly be preceded by the words "consistent" and "sustained." No one-hit wonders here!


The spirit of carpe diem, Latin for "seize the day," lies at the heart of this material. For us, carpe diem is an acknowledgment of the fact that while you're alive, you always have opportunities to take steps that will put you in a position to fulfill your most positive potential and make your heart sing! Life's sweetest fruits are there for the taking. It's up to you as to whether you are committed to designing and taking the steps necessary to attain them.

The spirit of carpe diem implies that no matter where you are in your life—and no matter what you've gone through—starting today, you can still do positive, beneficial, and great things for your career and for your life! Career Choreography will show you how.


Throughout Career Choreography, we will discuss in detail the "8 Cs of Success," which is your Career Choreography Principle 2. As you will learn, these words are packed with significance and meaning.

Choreograph your Career by Consistently implementing Conscious, Constructive, success-evoking Choices, made with Cognitive Clarity.


Your Introduction to Career Choreography

PART I: How to Identify and Craft Your Career Choreography
1. Your Key Choreography Terms
2. The Conscious Choice
3. Choreography Realities
4. Choreography Construction—What Do You Want to Attain?
5. Where Are You Today?

6. The Soft Choreography and the Soft-Concurrent Choreography
7. The Hard Choreography
8. Multiple Choreographies
9. The Step-Back Choreography
10. The Jump-Start Choreography
11. My POP Tennis Choreography

PART II: Career Choreography Strategies to Attain Huge Success Throughout Your Career Journey
12. Lead with Your Strength
13. The Enhancing Niche
14. Does Your Discontent Lie with Your Work or with Your Job?
15. Be Passionate about and Engaged in What You Do

16. Favorable First Impressions and Fulfilling Finishes
17. Lay a Rock-Solid Mindset and Skill-Set Foundation
18. Secure the Most Beneficial Training Experiences
19. Starting Your Career with an Established, Reputable Company
20. Hunger, Complacency, and Preparation

21. The Difficulty of Maintaining or Increasing Success
22. The Importance of Discipline and Delayed Gratification
23. Constructively Slog through Tedious and Difficult Assignments
24. Know the Expectations of Your Employers, Associates, and Clients
25. Set Yourself Apart from Your Competitors
26. Compartmentalization
27. Recognize Defining Moments and Be Opportunistic
28. Identify the Void and the Need in the Marketplace

29. Do Not Let Fear Paralysis Impede or Derail Your Career Growth
30. Be an Entrepreneur for Your Employer
31. How to Deal with Defeat and Get Your Career Back on Track
32. Emotional Equilibrium and the Art of "Selective Amnesia"
33. The Loyalty and Familiarity Factors
34. Be a Respectful Listener and a Confident, Relaxed Communicator

35. Develop an Engaging, Success-Evoking Personality
36. Don't Rationalize Away Career-Destructive Behavior
37. Pay Attention to the "How"
38. Don't Be an Energy Vampire
39. You Want the Leverage in Contract Negotiations
40. Do Not Leave Your Job Before Securing an Enhancing Position Elsewhere

41. Take the Constructive High Road When Leaving Your Current Job
42. Choreographies Can Go Awry and May Need Modification
43. Be Flexible, Adaptable, and Constructive
44. "EUM"—Emotion and Urge Management
45. The Virtues of Letting Go and Being Patient
46. Quick Takes—More Success-Evoking Career Strategies

PART III: Attaining True Career and Life Happiness
47. The Importance of Pursuing Your Passion and Your Calling
48. You Don't Need to Be the Richest One in the Cemetery

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